Do you have a budding virtuoso in your family?

Harlequin School Bags has you covered.  Choir, band or just for lessons, there's something for everyone.  Pick your favouirte motif and add it to your cart now.  Go on, we know you want to!

Harlequin Choir Folder
Price(RRP): AU$12.95
Harlequin Quartet Guitar Music Bag
Royal Guitar Style Navy Guitar Style Green Guitar Style Maroon Guitar Style Red Guitar Style Black Guitar Style Purple Guitar Style Hot Pink Guitar Style Yellow Guitar Style Orange Guitar Style Sky Blue Guitar Style Apple Green Guitar Style
Price(RRP): AU$26.95
Harlequin Quartet Keyboard Music Bag
Royal Keyboard Style Navy Keyboard Style Green Keyboard Style Maroon Keyboard Style Red Keyboard Style Black Keyboard Style Purple Keyboard Style Hot Pink Keyboard Style Yellow Keyboard Style Orange Keyboard Style
Price(RRP): AU$26.95
Harlequin Quartet Melody Music Bag
Royal Melody Style Navy Melody Style Green Melody Style Maroon Melody Style Red Melody Style Black Melody Style Purple Melody Style Yellow Melody Style Hot Pink Melody Style Orange Melody Style Sky Blue Melody Style Apple Green Melody Style
Price(RRP): AU$26.95
Harlequin Quartet String Music Bag
Royal String Style Navy String Style Green String Style Maroon String Style Red String Style Black String Style Purple String Style Hot Pink String Style Yellow String Style Orange String Style Sky Blue String Style Apple Green String Style
Price(RRP): AU$26.95
Harlequin Quartet Wind Music Bag
Royal Wind Style Navy Wind Style Green Wind Style Maroon Wind Style Red Wind Style Black Wind Style Purple Wind Style Hot Pink Wind Style Yellow Wind Style Orange Wind Style Sky Blue Wind Style Apple Green Wind Style
Price(RRP): AU$26.95
Maestro Satchel
Price(RRP): AU$14.95