Anatomical Back System

Exclusive to Harlequin and independently endorsed by Chiropractors, Osteopaths and Physiotherapists, our PVC FREE Anatomical Back System™ is built into every backpack we sell, as we believe every student should benefit from wearing a supportive school bag.

Designed specifically to contour to the child's spine with its uniqure "S" shaped anatomically aligned back panel, our range of ergonomic Tuff-Packs are super light, super comfy and help alleivate back strain in children by promoting good posture.

Statistics taken from worldwide studies show alarming degrees of back problems experienced by today's school children. Research suggests that students shouldn't carry more that 10 - 15% of their body weight.


  • one third of 15 - 18 year olds suffer back pain
  • the average maximum load students carry exceeds 11.5kg
  • more than one third of students are carrying bags that weigh over 30% of their body weight
  • whilst excess weight is the primary factor for back pain, badly designed school bags can dramamtically contribute to discomfort resulting in back problems

Back Pain Prevention Policy

  • encourage your students not to overload their bags and to carry books only needed for the day's classes
  • enforce school policy that all students should wear their school bag correctly, on both shoulders
  • only purchase quality school bags that have been designed ergonomically and specifically for use in schools

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