Sample Requests

Schools and P&C's can road test any Harlequin school bag sample today!

Harlequin School Bags has lovingly created the next generation of high quality, lightweight, comfortable and affordable school bags for your students! With up to a lifetime warranty on our whole range, we have manufactured and tested every Harlequin bag to withstand the rigours of school life and we are confident that your Principal, P&C, teachers and students will all be impressed with the innovative desgins and high quality of our products.

Requested samples will be sent free of charge to your school with no obligation to place orders. Samples may be displayed/road tested for up to 3 months, upon which they are required to be returned to Bag HQ via our Free Reply Paid postal service. Samples will only be charged for if lost or kept by the school/P&C.

“Overdue Statements” are sent monthly to your school only as a reminder that you are still in possession of your requested samples and to return them after use. Samples will only be credited against your account once safely received back at Bag HQ.

Call one of our expert Bagologists or email to request your sample now.