We love that Harlequin has chosen to support So They Can!  We are an Australian and New Zealand charity that seeks to empower poverty-stricken communities in Africa through education.

Aberdare Ranges Primary, So They Can’s school in Kenya, celebrates an amazing milestone this year – its fifth birthday! From humble beginnings, over 800 children currently attend our school from surrounding villages; villages that are often without electricity, running water and enough food.

So They Can’s Holding Hands’ Children’s Home for orphaned and vulnerable children cares for 120 of the kids who attend Aberdare Ranges Primary. Many were rescued from the local dumpsite competing with livestock to scavange for food, and are now happy, healthy and much-loved by their So They Can family.

So They Can also offers vital support to a number of primary schools in rural Tanzania, providing teacher mentors, resources and a schools ‘brain food’ program, ensuring the kids receive two hot meals a day, often the only food they will have, and fresh water.

Just $5 gives a child enough ‘brain food’ to learn and thrive at school for an entire month. The ‘brain food’ program tells a powerful story about the challenges some communities face in educating their children.

Thank you to Penny and the Harlequin team for your generous financial donation and the gift of Harlequin Library bags, so the children can keep their school books dry and clean!

By educating our children, we give everyone hope.

Why not connect your school community with a school community on the other side of the world on Harmony Day (held in Australia on 21st March each year) and open little eyes to the inspiring story of So They Can and the communities we support in Kenya and Tanzania.

Email harmonyday@sotheycan.org to receive your Harmony Day kit!

We’d love to welcome your school to the So They Can family. Jump online at sotheycan.org to find out more.

Cassandra Treadwell, CEO