Harlequin Eco Banana Pencil Case

Green Eco Banana Side view Room for lots of items Endorsed by Mother Nature

Peel me open!

Here's the fun bit: once your child zips their Harlequin Eco Banana Pencil Case closed, they can attach it to any Harlequin Tuff-Pack backpack with the nifty carabiner clip—brilliant!

These pencil cases are a great, practical and affordable back-to-school item and are available in lots of colours.

Ever wondered why it is called the "Eco" Banana Pencil Case? It is actually made from 100% recycled PET fabric, AKA recycled plastic bottles! Teach a valuable lesson to kids by adding any of our ECO items to their back-to-school essentials. Read more about Harlequin's Eco Range. You will also find our full environmental ethos here!

  • Internal pocket seperators
  • High quality zippers
  • Easy sponge clean

Saving our planet one bag at a time!

One size:

Size: 21cm H x 7cm W


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